Monday, January 14, 2013

Kid's say the Darndest Things

I have not posted in wayyyyyy tooooo long. I am over due. Of course I have so much to say. So much has happened, and I still plan on doing a post reflecting on 2012. But for now I am going to post on some cute things Zander has said lately. Today Zander wanted another pretzel rod. The container of the pretzel rods was on the bar, so I told Zander to get it. He had to climb onto a bar stool and then bring it down, so it took a little coordination. He made it down, and brought it to me and then said "I am a super hero." On New Year's Eve of this year, we let Zander try Sparkling juice for the first time. After tasting it he said "This will take the skin off your butt." I was shocked when he said that, and had to ask him to repeat what he said because I couldn't believe what I heard. We do not talk like that, so I am not sure where he came up with that. But it was amusing. Kid's say the Darndest things.

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